Одуванчик для Nikon Dandelion is designed to be installed on adapter rings and manual lenses so that they could then be used on Nikon AF digital and film cameras.

Because Dandelion is about the same size as a match, it can be fitted to any existing adapter ring or lens with Nikon F bayonet mount. Lenses with such bayonet mounts have been produced since 1959.

With Dandelion fixed on the ring, a camera obtains exposure metering function. If your camera has a 3D matrix meter, it will function as well.

Precision focus will be acknowledged by a sound and light signal. On the screen you will also find highlighted spots that got into focus area. Junior series digital cameras will provide an acknowledging beep.

With Dandelion installed on a lens with an automatic AI-S aperture, the aperture will be controlled through the camera similar to autofocus lenses. This is one of Nikon's strongest points: you don't have to care about aperture when using an old manual lens.

Dandelion has another peculiar feature of "hard" shutter block before acknowledging signal. When pressing shutter release button up to the stop, the shot is made immediately in response to the signal. This is useful when shooting fast-moving objects.

Dandelion's most important feature for eager photographers is the possibility to change its parameters without taking it off the camera. You can alter focal length and other parameters pre-set in Dandelion. See programming instructions.

Dandelion is compatible with all digital and film* Nikon AF cameras.

Dandelion Compatibility

There are only three film cameras that Dandelion is not compatible with: F4, F60, F601, F801 and F90x. It works with all other models perfectly.

Programming mode is not compatible with F5 and D1X/H models.

Dandelion's modifiable parameters
  • From F1.0 to F90
  • Focal length
  • From 5mm to 2000mm, chosen from a table
  • Focus Mode
  • AF / MF
  • Correction of focus   confirmation dot
  • 17 levels

  • Dandelion programming instructions

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